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Diane's Position on the Issues:  

Government - I support limited and transparent state and county government, with responsible and sustainable budgets.

- I strongly oppose any income or sales taxes in NH.  No new taxes!  High taxes are the result of big budgets and big spending.

Individual Liberties/Civil Rights
- I support basic freedoms and rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and the N.H. Constitution.

Gun Rights - I support the right of citizens to keep and bear arms.  Every law-abiding N.H. citizen has the right to use firearms to protect and defend their lives, families and property.  I support our "stand your ground" law.  I oppose any gun control legislation.

Law and Order -  I support the N.H. Constitution, N.H. RSAs, the promotion of public safety and the maintenance of the rule of law by law enforcement.  I oppose defunding any branch or level of law enforcement in the state.

Business and Economy - I support all NH companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs equally across all business sectors.  I am Pro-Business and Pro-Economy, and support Right-To-Work.

Education - I support educational excellence and school choice, including Education Freedom Accounts.  I support parents rights.
Healthcare - I support healthcare freedoms and oppose mandates for vaccines, masking, and testing in NH.  I also support reducing health care costs, including expansion healthcare choice and competition. 

Election Integrity - I support having only U.S. citizens permanently domiciled in NH being able to register to vote in NH, with proper government identification and proof of domicile.  I support absentee ballot voting under current law, and I oppose broad mail in voting.

Military and Veterans' Support - I support active duty, reserve, National Guard, retired, and discharged service members, and ensure that they receive the care and benefits that they have earned.  I was the prime sponsor of HB 1667 which became law in July 2022, enabling all veterans under NH law to finally qualify for the Veterans' Tax Credits for property taxes (see News You Can Use for more details).

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